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Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help you learn how to deal with,

anxiety, depression & addiction.


I Recognise That It Takes Great Courage To Take This First Step.

Sharing personal thoughts and feelings with a therapist may be something most people would never have dreamed of doing. I honour that courage by providing a confidential, nonjudgmental and compassionate service at my Northwood, Hillingdon hypnotherapy practice.

Choosing the right therapist for you is tantamount to how successful therapy will be. It is only natural that you may want to know a little about me.

About Adrian Jackson

I understand all too well how a difficult upbringing can affect the quality of your later life. A volatile childhood and painful experiences from our past can have a severe effect on our development. We make the mistake of blaming ourselves for not being born “normal” or not “deserving” to be happy. Why else would we have had to face such adversity in our lives?

The first stage of recovery is to separate what has happened to us from who we really are – Adrian Jackson

But to carry scars from the past does not mean you need to live a life unfulfilled. When we overcome the past we can use what we have learned to live a life more wholeheartedly. Or, as I once heard it so eloquently put, “Use the cr*p from your past as the compost of your future!”

“Experience is not what happens to you but what you do with what happens to you” – Aldous Huxley

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Negative experiences can lead to unhelpful emotional conditioning. This leads to limiting beliefs about ourselves. This will undermine our confidence in our ability to deal with the challenges of life.

When this happens it can lead us to develop harmful patterns of behaviour (e.g. comfort eating, smoking, drug use, depression). This is because negative beliefs prevent us from truly honouring our emotional needs.

“A problem can’t be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein

I provide evidence-based and long-lasting therapy. I specialise in treating anxiety and depression. My flexible approach is tailored toward the individual. Each client is treated as an individual, instead of trying to force you into a model of therapy that is unsuitable.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based therapy. A recent study indicates that it is 71% more effective than CBT in treating depression and anxiety.

Why I Decided To Specialise in Helping With Anxiety And Depression

From a young age, I was always a keen artist. This led me to work in freelance graphic design. It seemed natural for me to pursue a creative path in life. However, I soon tired of this uninspiring work. Becoming more and more disillusioned, I began to wonder if I had taken the right path in life.

Around the same time, I discovered a love of reading psychology and became endlessly fascinated by how the human mind processed and functioned. The work of William James was especially eye-opening, especially his work on psychophysics (the study of the effect of physical processes upon the mental processes of an organism).

Further reading over the years led me to Milton Hyland Erickson, now regarded as the godfather of modern-day hypnotherapy. It was through his lateral approach to literal problems that I began to wonder if I could use self-hypnosis to overcome my self-doubts, despondency and my limiting beliefs. It was his belief that everyone possesses the resources and capabilities within themselves to overcome any problem. I found this so inspiring.

“Happiness is a by-product of finding Meaning And Purpose” – Viktor Frankl

My belief in the power of hypnotherapy began to lead me to question whether or not it was too late for me to follow a different path in life; a path where I could use my creativity and love of problem-solving to serve others in a meaningful way. Helping others overcome their limiting beliefs.

This eventually led me to study Cognitive Hypnotherapy at London’s Regents University. I had the great fortune to have been taught by Trevor Silvester, the course founder.

Here, my outlook on life changed in ways that I’m still benefiting from to this day.

Happiness is not so much about what happens to us, but what we psychologically do with what happens to us. The lesson learned is that once you take stock of your decisions you can begin to live more courageously; you can be defiant against imaginary limitations.

Anything in the past can be used to catapult us into the future we desire.

What people say

Having read previous reviews I decided to take the plunge and try Adrian's services for driving anxiety. With the anxiety being present for a couple of decades and trying different cbt methods with no true success, I was sceptical that Adrian's approach would make any difference. Well, after two sessions and Adrian's explanation as to why the anxiety was present and could be overcome. I can honestly say the sessions are beginning to work. Has the anxiety fully gone? Not yet, but the improvement is amazing and the benefits are being felt daily. Don't leave it as long as I did and take back control for yourself.

Tony W

I met Mr Adrian Jackson yesterday for a session for my stress. I was feeling very miserable before going to his clinic.. haven't eaten or slept properly for days... after his session I felt better.. I went straight to nandos after coming from his clinic and had dinner with my family. He is very kind and professional.and his therapy does effect. I am going to book more sessions with him and I highly recommend him to anyone who has pain stress anxiety depression things which hurt us but we can't see or heal them by ourselves.

Aisha Miah

Adrian helped me pinpoint specific things in my life which I wasn't even aware I was holding onto.

As a result of our session and his personable, skilled approach, I managed to resolve the issue within and release it from my worries.

From our initial phone consultation to our session at his therapy practice Adrian was very professional, understanding and above all - very effective and impactful with his methods.

I'm very grateful to him investing his time with me and to dedicating himself to his profession and craft, as he is a credit to it.

Stephen Lynch