A Lesson in Stoicism From Mr. T

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A Lesson in Stoicism From Mr. T

The video below is a fantastic masterclass in how to remain stoic and cool in the face of smarmy petulance.

David Letterman finds he’s out of his depth within the first 10 seconds of this interview once he realises that Mr. T will not rise to his obstinate needling.

Instead, Mr. T composes himself with grace and dignity, patiently squeezing a stress-ball while Letterman digs the grave deeper with each unctuous dribble.

Measured Wisdom

With measured wisdom, Mr. T talks of his ancestry, slavery and his rise from poverty, while Letterman and his audience of sniveling ghouls snort and giggle: surprised perhaps that no matter how hard Letterman tries to makes a spectacle of him, Mr. T will not lower himself to maintaining anything other than unfaltering composure in the face of these pitiful fools.

Letterman (cutting to the ads): “…we’ll come back… you can stick around for a few more minutes, sir?”

Mr. T (without missing a beat): “Sure… as long as you pay me.”

A man to remember when you are next on the brink of losing your cool with somebody who makes the fatal error of underestimating your integrity.

A childhood hero.

A class act.

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