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Free Hypnosis Downloads

Welcome to Hypnosis for Confidence & Calm!

These FREE hypnosis downloads contain 8 tracks to prime your subconscious mind to feel calmer and more confident.

This FREE Hypnosis download can help to increase self-esteem and confidence. A peaceful mind can help us see life in a healthier and clearer new way! (Apple Store) (Google Play)

Free Hypnosis Download, Hypnotherapy in Northwood, Pinner and Harrow

Free Hypnosis Download, Hypnotherapy in Northwood, Pinner and Harrow

Hypnosis Free Download

This FREE hypnosis download features  8 hypnosis tracks. Each is written using a combination of techniques. These include; positive affirmation, hypnotic suggestion, and a model of therapeutic language called The Milton Model. The Milton Model is based on the work of the legendary hypnotherapist Milton H Erikson.

I also use an approach to hypnosis language modeling called Wordweaving. Wordweaving was devised by the founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Trevor Silvester. Trevor Silvester has been teaching his approach at Regents University since 2002. Wordweaving incorporates the above techniques and compliments them with the client’s own evidence of change, often expressed in their own metaphors and language patterns.

What is Included in These Free Hypnosis Downloads?

Here is a list of the tracks you will have free access to within your hypnotherapy download:

1) Salubrious Relaxation

A gentle, relaxing induction for anybody who needs help making mindfulness a daily habit in their life.

2) Gentle Healing

Mild physical ailments can be allayed by soothing relaxation and positive suggestions

3) Creating Fulfilment

A daily induction to help you focus on the tiny positives that often fall out of our conscious awareness

4) The Three Secrets

This compelling induction helps remove self-doubt, and bring clarity to your powerful inner strengths

5) Inner Peace – The Silent Voice

Diffuse anxiety & stress by inducing deep relaxation and embedding powerful, positive hypnotic suggestions and metaphor

6) Confidence & Creativity

Confidence & Creativity allow you to shape your life on an unconscious level by deepening intelligence, invention, and resilience. As these suggestions take hold, Obstacles become gateways toward opportunities

7) Confidence & Success

Allow the conditions of a successful life to fortify with these positive and empowering resolutions

8) The Heroes Journey

Realizing that life has been preparing you for growth, all obstacles become gateways toward opportunities

What Else Does Your FREE Hypnotherapy Download Include?

Your FREE hypnosis app contains a library of inspirational quotes. Setting them as wallpapers on your device means you will always have some wise words readily available at your fingertips!

A series of helpful videos will give you advice and ideas on how to maintain a healthier mindset in today’s busy world. Video topics include:

Can Hypnotherapy Stop Me Worrying?

Hypnotherapy for a Successful Attitude

Can You Re-Write Your Life Story?


How to Turn Negative Emotions into Positives

Hypnosis for Confidence & Calm app is available FREE on both Google Play and the Apple Store.
Download the app to your device by clicking the images below:

Free Hypnosis Download, Hypnotherapy in Northwood, Pinner and Harrow    Free Hypnosis Download, Hypnotherapy in Northwood, Pinner and Harrow

Disclaimer: This free hypnosis download app is not a substitute for medical advice. If you are struggling with any issues that affect your confidence or ability to enjoy life, please consult a licensed therapist or similar professional.

If you would like to explore how hypnotherapy may help you, please feel welcome to get in touch with me HERE.

Adrian Jackson

Specialist in Anxiety & Depression (DipHyp, CNHC (Acc), HPD) I am a Cognitive Hypnotherapist in North London, providing hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression to clients in Pinner, Northwood, Harrow, and Rickmansworth. My flexible, modern approach helps clients relieve unwanted patterns of behaviour.

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